Relationship Advice

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 months. He is 40 and I am 20. We have plans to be together for the long haul. I LOVE HIM but I have not said it yet. I really have the urge to say it but I'm nervous he won't be ready to reciprocate, even though he cares for me tremendously. I am going back to school in another state in April until June and we have decided to stay together during that time. I want him to know that I love him (because I do!) but how do i know if it is too soon?

Thank you for sharing your situation. It can take years to get to know someone really well and it’s an ongoing process. Perhaps you might think in terms of keeping the relationship going by continuing to communicate openly and sharing your lives. Keep learning about each other and growing together. Over time, you’ll know what you want to say and do.

You don’t have to say the perfect thing or behave any certain way, just be yourselves and support each other. You might also consider talking calmly and kindly with each other about this transition and listening to each other’s perspective. Remember that you both deserve to be with someone who communicates openly and is there for you. Take care.